Teacher Directory

Teacher Position Email Extension Web
 Mrs. Babbert Third Grade Inclusion  sbabbert@rbbschools.net  x2466  
Mrs. Bennett Fifth Grade Inclusion kbennett@rbbschools.net x2419  
Mrs. Bruce Fifth Grade mbruce@rbbschools.net x2424  
Mrs. Burris Fifth Grade kburris@rbbschools.net x2431
Mrs. Creeden Media Assistant jcreeden@rbbschools.net x2453  
Mrs. Cowden Fifth Grade kcowden@rbbschools.net x2435  
Mrs. Crawford Fifth Grade kcrawford@rbbschools.net x2468  
Mrs. DeMoss Fifth Grade sdemoss@rbbschools.net x2460  
Ms. Doffin Art adoffin@rbbschools.net x2412
Mrs. Ennis Music vennis@rbbschools.net x2434  
Mrs. Finch Secretary rfinch@rbbschools.net x2402  
Mrs. Guthrie Fourth Grade rguthrie@rbbschools.net x2445  
Mrs. Harrison Third Grade charrison@rbbschools.net x2447  
Mr. Hornick Third Grade jhornick@rbbschools.net x2410  
Mrs. Jones Pathways mjones@rbbschools.net x2420   
Mrs. Julian Inclusion cjulian@rbbschools.net x2406  
Mrs. Keller Fifth Grade skeller@rbbschools.net x2429  
Mrs. Kuzemka Fourth Grade jkuzemka@rbbschools.net x2422  
Ms. Lee Principal jlee@rbbschools.net x2401  
Mrs. Majors Fourth Grade lleichter@rbbschools.net x2462 Web Site 
Miss.  Leichter Third Grade cleichter@rbbschools.net x2408  
Mrs. Miller STEAM jmiller@rbbschools.net x2428 R-BB STEAM
Miss Mills Fourth Grade kmills@rbbschools.net x2427   
Mrs. Mobley Fourth Grade lmobley@rbbschools.net x2426  
Mrs. Brehl Inclusion abrehl@rbbschools.net x2430  
Mrs. Pittman Title I rpittman@rbbschools.net x2439  
Mrs. Powell  Third Grade spowell@rbbschools.net x2461
Miss Reed Third Grade areed@rbbschools.net x2409  
Mr. Norris Assistant Principal tnorris@rbbschools.net x2405  
Mrs. Smock Third Grade ssmock@rbbschools.net x2449  
Miss Steele  Speech tsteele@rbbschools.net x2465 Web Site 
Mrs. Stephens Fourth Grade lstephens@rbbschools.net x2438  
Mrs. Stevons Attendance Clerk lstevons@rbbschools.net x2403  
Mrs. Stocker Third Grade cstocker@rbbschools.net x2446 
Mrs. Stone  Fourth Grade dstone@rbbschools.net x2452 Web Site 
Mr. Stone  Fourth Grade rstone@rbbschools.net x2432 Web Site 
Mrs. Swedran Third Grade nswedran@rbbschools.net x2411  
Mrs. Uhls  Fifth Grade luhls@rbbschools.net x2425   
Miss Crawford Fifth Grade bcrawford@rbbschools.net x2423  

Mrs. Wells

Health Assistant kwells@rbbschools.net x2404  
Mr. Williamson  Physical Education gwilliamson@rbbschools.net x2436   

Mission Statement

Edgewood Intermediate School strives to be a dynamic, caring, safe, and engaging environment that respects all people and is dedicated to the pursuit of life-long learning.

Edgewood Intermediate School is Advanced ED Accreditated NCA.