• Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Do all PIE Teams have parents, teachers, community members, and school administarors as members.

A1. Yes. All the Partners in Education teams are made up of this mix. It is important to have all four groups represented when establishing goals for the schools.

Q2. How can I get involved with PIE?

A2. You can let the principal of your school know you are interested in being on the PIE Team. You can particpate in many different ways. Some people are active members of the team.Others wish to work on specific project that are linked to the goals of the team.

Q3. How is PIE different from the PTO?

A3. Parent Teacher Organizations typically do not have community members involved in the meetings. Also, the goals of the PIE Teams are different from the goals of the PTO. PIE Teams take the school's improvement goals and use 6 different kinds of involvement as a means to support those goals.

Q4. What is the time commitment for each member of the PIE Team?

A4. Most PIE Teams meet four times in the school year. A typical schedule of meetings is once at the beginning of the year to establish goals for the year, once around November, once in February, and a final time in May to evaluate our work and plan for the next year. Meetings take place at the school immediately following the end of the school day. Sometimes members will work in a small group on a goal outside of these meeting times.