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SES is on Facebook and Twitter!

Stinesville Elementary School recently took the next step in keeping families and friends up to date on what is happening at school by joining Facebook and Twitter. For up to the minute information about what is going on at school and what is planned for down the road, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are two quick and easy ways to stay in the loop and get an inside look at how your children are learning at school. We have a few posts on both Facebook and Twitter already, and the teachers are excited to add more throughout the year. If you make a post on Facebook, you may have to wait until it is approved for the public by the page administrator. facebookandtwitter

Facebook: Stinesville Elementary School

Twitter: @SES_RBBCSC

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Latch Key coming to SES in 2015-2016

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, Stinesville Elementary School will be offering before/after school care through a program called Latch Key. Morning services will run from 6:30-8:35 am. Afternoon services will run from 3:25-5:45pm. Complimentary childcare will continue to be offered during the late start Wednesday each week.

For additional information, you may contact the Stinesville Elementary office at 812-876-2474 or the Director of the Latch Key Program, Adrienne Bucklew, at 812-876-9600 ext. 2859 or abucklew@rbbschools.net .

Click here to access the previous introductory letter and enrollment form utilized by RBBCSC for Latch Key.

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IU students visit Mrs. Ware's Class

The second grade students at Stinesville Elementary had a few special visitors before Spring Break. Three IU students on the IU Rowing Team came to visit our classroom. The IU students read a book to the children as part of "Reading Across America" program. The also were very inspirational when discussing future goals and plans with the children. I am sure that you can see the excitement on the students faces.
Submitted by: Mrs. Ware
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SES Students Reach for the Stars!

During the month of February, students at SES engaged in a two-week reading challenge in parternership with Usborne Books. Students set a goal to read 100,000 minutes. During this time, students were collecting pledges from family and friends for their reading. Pledges collected allowed students the opportunity to go to a book fair to pick out books not only for them, but for their classroom as well! On February 26th, the school celebrated the attainmnet of their goal by welcoming in Stephanie Holman (Miss Stephanie) from our Ellettsville Public Library to engage students and staff in an interactive storytelling. Each grade had a role to play throughout the story. Following the storytelling, the top three readers (minutes read) were recognized in frnt of the school with medals for their achievement. While three students were recognized from each classroom, it took every student in the school to exceed the goal of 100,000 minutes read. to conclude the convocation, since the school exceeded their goal, Mr. Hopkins upheld his end of the deal with students by geting down on his knees and kissing a potbelly pig! It was wonderful to see students at SES work together toweards a common goal and have a lot of fn along the way!
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Basketball Jim Jones Visits SES

Jim Basketball Jones

Students and staff recently attended a convocation from Jim “Basketball” Jones entitled, “Three Pointers for Life.” While Jim put on a great show with some amazing basketball skills, there was a deeper message he was able to deliver. Jim worked alongside the students and staff to explore the values of making good choices, respecting others, being responsible, and being safe. Students were encouraged to “own their effort.” This means they can have pride in their school and themselves, encourage others, and think before they act. Students and staff walked away with the ABCs of his presentation: Apply Kindness, Be Yourself, and Challenge Yourself. The students and staff had a great time singing, dancing, participating in some amazing basketball tricks, and most importantly, learning some great lifeskills along the way.

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January Blog from Mrs. Watkin's Class

Mrs. Watkin's third grade students at Stinesville have been researching penguins. They reserched Emperor, Rockhopper, and Yellow-eyed penguins just to name a few. The students learned several vocabulary words that go along with penguins: cuddle, frozen, preen, Antarctica, and flippers. We watched some neat video clips on penguins. The students then constructed their own shutter books to hold all their penguin information.
A special shout-out to Nicholas Latimer, Haylie Shoemaker, and Kenzie Jacobs for doing an awesome job on their shutterbooks!
Submittedb2ap3_thumbnail_Penguins.jpg by Mrs. Watkin - grade 3
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100th Day of School

Friday, January 16th, was the 100th day of school for the 2014-15 school year. Several of the classes celebrated this special day with activities. Shown in the picture is Mrs. Butler's students and their 100 dollar bills. Each student was given $100 bill and asked to write what they would do with $100. Miss Blackard's class is shown with masked representing the 100th day.
100thDay 028
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Stinesville Elementary is an “A” School!

On December 18th, students and staff held a celebration in the gymnasium for Stinesville Elementary being recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as an “A” School. Schools are “graded” based on student academic performance and growth on the ISTEP+ assessment given in the spring each year. Mr. Hopkins talked with the students and staff about what it means to be an “A” school and how it takes the hard work of everyone in the school, with the support of the families and community, to make Stinesville Elementary so successful. Following the brief talk, the staff challenged a group of 5th grade students to a rousing game of dodgeball/protect the pin. The entire school went “nuts” as the students defeated the staff, knocking down all three of their pins! The PTO provided popsicles for all students in the school at the conclusion of the celebration.

SES believes it is important to celebrate the successes of our students and staff. Activities like this allow the students to see the great work they are doing, but also have a little fun along the way!ate the successes of our students and staff. Activities like this allow the students to see the great work they are doing, but also have a little fun along the way!

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Christmas Music Program

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students at Stinesville Elementary presented their annual Christmas Program on Thursday, December 11th, under the direction of Mrs. Aimee Taubitz. Parents, staff, and community members were entertained throughout the evening by a variety of song, dance, and solos. The students looked amazing in their festive outfits, and the gymnasium was beautifully decorated. A big hooray to parents and teachers for working hard to get the kids prepared for a magical night. What a wonderful way to kick-off the Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from Stinesville Elementary School!

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Helping Others

Sinesville Elemetary students and staff collected 3.068 pounds of food for Hoosier Hill Food Bank. The Food Drive began on November 3 and ran through November 14. WOW!!! What a great job! Lucky's winner (gradesK-2) was Mrs. Butler's Kindergarten Class and Lucky Jr. (grades 3,4, & 5) to Mrs. Ferguson's Class. Thanks to all the students and their families for making this a great success and a wonderful way to help other.
Happy Thanksgiving

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Our Mission

The parents, faculty, staff, and students of Stinesville Elementary srtive to create an educational environment that fosters love of learning, productivity, responsibility, and scholastic achievement. The faculty and staff aspire to develop life skills such as: compassion, leadership, pride, self-esteem, respect, and ethical decision-making.

We are convinced that:

All students are entitled to equal opportunities for learning All students and parents need to be acively involved in the learning process All students need to learn social skills that promote cooperation All students need to value life-long learning All students need to learn positive guidelines that develop self-control and self-discipline All Students need a working knowledge of the writing process and math computation
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