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Middle school students are faced with many choices everyday… Should I get out of bed today? What should I wear? Will I be nice to my friends? How hard am I going to work? Who will I sit with at lunch? Will this be a good day? Will I try my hardest today? Should I take Algebra? What do I want to be when I grow up? Should I try out for basketball? I am embarrassed, what will I do? Everybody is making fun of my shoes, what should I do?Facing these choices can be overwhelming, frustrating, and distracting to students. Making bad choices can create barriers that block learning and progress at school. Being able to make sound choices is a skill that students need to acquire in order to help ensure successful, productive days and greater achievement At Edgewood Junior High School, the counseling department is dedicated to helping students learn how to make sound choices in the areas of academics, careers, and personal/social issues. Through individual counseling, group counseling and classroom guidance lessons, students will be led to discover strategies for maneuvering through situations of choice and the power they have through making sound choices.- A. Phillips
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Colts with Character

This year Edgewood Junior High adopted the Colts with Character program. Each month, the entire school population focuses on three defined “Lifelines,” Each one instilling a quality or trait that each student should practice and demonstrate in their pursuit of becoming a valuable member of society.

Anytime a teacher or staff member sees a student displaying one of our lifelines, they receive a ticket to turn into the guidance office. Twice a month two names will be drawn per grade level and the students will be called down to the office for their prize. The non-winning tickets will be dumped into a larger container for some school wide drawings at the end of each semester.

Previous lifelines we’ve had this year have been:

Integrity- To tell the truth and do what is right even when no one is looking.

Organization- To plan, arrange and keep things in order.

Responsibility- To be accountable for your actions.

Effort- To work hard.

Empathy- To understand and experience the feelings of others.

Active listening- To use your ears, eyes, heart and undivided attention when needed.

For the month of November we will be focusing on Gratitude, Problem solving and manners. Gratitude means to be thankful, Problem Solving is to create solutions, and Manners is using proper social skills in different situations. Gratitude and Manners are especially timely during this time of year with Thanksgiving right around the corner and being good at solving problems is useful at all points and times in school and in life.

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Scholastic Book Fair

Book Fair Graphic


Our Scholastic Book Fair will run from November 9th - 17th. On Tuesday November 17th EJHS will hold a Family Night from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. If you prefer to shop online, the web page to do so will be available from Nov. 4th - 24th. You will need to click on the website below to access that page. Don't miss this opportunity to build your child's home library!

EJHS Scholastic Book Fair Home Page

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National Dwarfism Awareness Month

October is National Dwarfism Awareness Month and one of our own students has created a video to raise awareness of this condition. Please take the time to watch this video!
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Edgewood Color Run 2015

The Edgewood Color Run will be held Friday, September 4th, 2015. This event will take place on the R-BB Cross Country Course and students are encouraged to participate in this fun event. Funds raised will be used for student incentives throughout the year. They will be running about 1.5 miles going by color stations as they run. Cost is $10 for a white t-shirt and $15 for a white t-shirt and bracelet. Waiver and registration forms are due in the office by August 18th, 2015.



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