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Parent Tech Night Coming Soon!

Parent Tech Night

Please save the date and plan to attend our "Parent Tech Night" on Wednesday, October 5th, at 6:30 pm in the EJHS Library. There will be a question and answer session for Chromebook Basics and Harmony 3!
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Working Offline on Chromebooks

Would you like to work on Google Docs when WiFi is down or you don't have WiFi at home? This short 2 minute video will show you how to change settings in Google Drive and allow you to work without WiFi. Then the next time your Chromebook accesses WiFi and you open the document, all edits and work will be saved!


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Art Club & Yearbook Info

Art Club meets on Thursday every week (unless announced otherwise) after school until 3:30 pm in Room 216 with Mrs. Millick. Pick up is at Entrance 1.

Art Club members will be walking in the Monroe County Fall Festival Parade on September 17th and will meet in the high school parking lot at 11 am. A parent permission form is located here. Please return the form before the parade date.

Yearbook Club is currently meeting as needed on Fridays after school until 3:30 pm in the computer lab with Mrs. Millick and Mrs. Erickson. Pickup is at Entrance 1. Meetings will always be on announcements the week of the meeting.

If parents would like to contribute photos for either the yearbook or the 8th grade end-of-year slideshow, they can go to the Jostens ReplayIt page to create an account or to download the app. Either will allow them to tag and upload photos into the proper categories once they choose our school.

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Colts Kick-Off

The Colts Kick-Off is coming! Please join us this Friday, August 26th from 5-7 pm on the road between EJHS and EHS for this year's Colts Kick-Off. There will be lots of family-oriented activities including the Colts Mobile Museum and Cheerleaders, a FREE concert by Reece Phillips, the MCPL Bookmobile, as well as food and drink sold by some of our clubs/students. See you there!
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Summer Break and Fall Registration

Edgewood Junior High School Faculty and Staff would like to wish everyone a great summer vacation! Please enjoy this time with family and friends.

Here is the schedule for Fall Registration:

Online Registration for returning RBB students will be available starting Wednesday, July 20. Parents should login to their Harmony 3 account and complete all registration forms for their student/s. These forms must be completed before students will be issued a Chromebook at the Chromebook rollout on Thursday, July 28.

Main Office hours will begin Monday, July 25 from 8 am - 3 pm.

Parents of students new to RBB in grades 6-8 should call the Junior High Office on Monday, July 25 to set up a time to come in to the office. We will be meeting with new students on Tuesday, July 26 and Wednesday, July 27, with group sessions scheduled at 8 am, 10 am, 12 noon, and 2 pm each day. Please bring proof of residency, a birth certificate for the student, a record of immunizations for the student, any legal documents concerning custody, and any records from the previous school. This is not for students who attended EIS or Stinesville the previous year. By calling in advance, information will be taken in order to prepare a schedule and assign a locker for the student. Groups will meet briefly with a counselor to go over the schedule and then be given a tour to find classrooms and locker location. Counselors will be available to meet with parents with specific scheduling concerns after the group meetings.

Chromebook rollout for students in grades 6-12 will be held at Edgewood High School from 2-8 pm on Thursday, July 28. Students may pick up their Chromebooks during that time as long as all enrollment forms have been completed online. Computers will be available to complete these forms if needed. If Chromebooks are not picked up at this time, students will be issued their Chromebooks on Thursday, August 4 or Friday, August 5 during school hours.

Schedules and locker assignments for returning students will be available for online viewing starting Friday, July 29.

Edgewood Junior High will be open from 3-7 pm on Monday, August 1 and Tuesday, August 2 for students and parents who would like to come in to the building to find classrooms and lockers. The building will be closed to parents and students on Wednesday, August 3 to allow teachers time to prepare for the first day of school.

School begins on Thursday, August 4. Welcome back!


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One of Aesop’s Fables, “The Oak and the Reed,” teaches that it is better to bend than to break. In this fable, the flexible reed survives because he can bend with the wind, while the mighty oak cannot adapt and is destroyed. Variants of this fable exist in early Greek and Latin, Judeo-Christian sacred texts, ancient Chinese stories, Chaucer’s early works, as well as French, Italian, and German tales. These have given rise to common sayings like, “A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall” and “A tree that is unbending is easily broken.”

The value of flexibility has been heralded by cultures around the globe since the beginning of recorded time. There are few of us who can say we have never had to “roll with the punches” that life deals out. I can honestly say that I would never survive as a teacher or a parent without the ability to honestly reassess and adapt to the situations I find myself in every day, and this takes mental and emotional flexibility.

Particularly when one considers that my 8th graders today will graduate in 2020 and will probably still be working in 2060, the importance of developing the skill of flexibility becomes even clearer. Who knows what challenges our children today will face in their lifetimes? When I was in 8th grade 20+ years ago, I didn’t have a cell phone, iPads were science fiction, and we thought scanning bubble sheets were fancy.

I would never have believed that I would be teaching, not so many years later, in a school where every child held a powerful personal computing device in his or her hands, where research was done at the touch of a button, and instantly contacting someone anywhere in the world was a click or two away.

While I certainly don’t pretend to know the ways in which our world and the lives of my students will change in the coming years, I do know that being able to adapt effectively in the face of change is a life skill that never becomes obsolete.

-R. Guest-Scott

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Harmony 3 Family Access

If you have not signed up for Harmony 3 Family Access, you will need to do so as soon as possible. The old way of going in to Harmony 2 to check your child's Harmony account will no longer be available after March 17th.

Harmony 3 Family Access is a great tool for parents! It allows you to set up one account for all of your students. You will be able to view Progress Reports, Attendance, Discipline, the Homework Agenda, your student's schedule, make online payments and sign up for push notifications.

Registration codes for each student were emailed home to parents earlier this year. Please contact the school if you need the code re-issued.

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“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, they make them.” -Author: George Bernard Shaw

Successful people have intrinsic motivation to make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. If you always assume that the job will not get done unless you do it, you will go far in life. Work ethic is measured, largely, by a person’s ability to get started on a task that seems overwhelming.

Initiative (as defined by the Mr. Livingston) – If it needs done, do it TODAY.

-S. Livingston

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Active Listening

My eyes are on the teacher, my ears are open, I am not chatting with my neighbor, I am not doing anything distracting... yet I'm thinking about what is for lunch. We have all been this student!

Active listening is listening with your ears, eyes, and heart. The last part of this definition may surprise you, but it is something our students at EJHS are practicing daily. Since childhood we've heard the instruction, "eyes on me" or "ears open," but listening with your heart seems to put things into a better perspective. We constantly are only half-way listening and paying attention, often distracted by technology or other factors, so listening with your heart takes communication to a different level. Hearing what is being said and truly synthesizing the information is what active listening is all about. If given instructions, you could then repeat them back, or otherwise summarize what you were told. This is a great way to let another person know you truly hear them. Let us all keep in mind active listening the next time we're given the instruction to "listen up!"

-R. Perkins

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The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I assigned the following bellwork to my classes:

Finish the statement.

Courage is…

I gave them an example of what I was thinking, just to get them started. I remembered a hallway conversation with a colleague from the day before. I could tell she wasn’t feeling well, but made the decision to be here anyway. She had created a review game for the kids that would be difficult for someone else to step in and manage.

a teacher that is really sick coming to school anyway, because she knows that on her worst day, she can help her kids more than any sub.

Initially, the hands were slow to go up. In my opinion, it takes courage just to speak out in front of your peers, especially about a topic that doesn’t have a clear cut answer. Then, after a kid or two threw out an idea, it didn’t take long for most of the class to get involved in the conversation.

Students suggested I add the following:

Courage is...

someone that continues to motivate others even when they are struggling themselves.

taking action when they see others doing something wrong.

going above and beyond what you’re asked or required to do.

putting others before yourself.

standing up for what you believe.

going into the frontier of battle, risking your life for your country, allowing the rest of us to have freedom.

standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

using your words to solve a problem and not violence.

willing to try.

willing to sacrifice what you have for someone else who needs it.

standing up for what is right, even if you are standing alone.

facing your fears.

standing up for minority groups.

being happy for you.

saying no sometimes.

talking about controversy freely.

loving yourself, with your flaws.

being unafraid to lose.

It was nice to take a quick break from the math curriculum and talk with my students about this life skill. I was impressed with how well the students expressed their thoughts about courage. They all bring something different to the table with their own life experiences, and this has inspired me to have more meaningful conversations like this in the future.

-B. Gallagher

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Harmony 3 Family Access

Announcing the new Harmony 3 Family Access for Parents and Students!

We are switching our current Harmony Parent/Student portal to the New Harmony 3 Family Access and all parents should have received an email with the link to log in, as well as instructions for the setup. Everyone needs to register with the new credentials, as we will eventually be turning off the current version of the program.

One of the advantages of the new Harmony 3 Family Access is that it allows parents and students to have separate accounts with their own user names and passwords to access information as well as set notifications. Because the accounts are separate, students will not be able to make changes to any of the settings made by parents.

In the new program you will be able add all your students into one login and to see the following:

Progress Reports

Homework Agenda
Online Payments
Push Notification

The new site link is:


The link is also posted on the corporation as well as each building website.

We hope you enjoy the features of the new site.

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Middle school students are faced with many choices everyday… Should I get out of bed today? What should I wear? Will I be nice to my friends? How hard am I going to work? Who will I sit with at lunch? Will this be a good day? Will I try my hardest today? Should I take Algebra? What do I want to be when I grow up? Should I try out for basketball? I am embarrassed, what will I do? Everybody is making fun of my shoes, what should I do?Facing these choices can be overwhelming, frustrating, and distracting to students. Making bad choices can create barriers that block learning and progress at school. Being able to make sound choices is a skill that students need to acquire in order to help ensure successful, productive days and greater achievement At Edgewood Junior High School, the counseling department is dedicated to helping students learn how to make sound choices in the areas of academics, careers, and personal/social issues. Through individual counseling, group counseling and classroom guidance lessons, students will be led to discover strategies for maneuvering through situations of choice and the power they have through making sound choices.- A. Phillips
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Colts with Character

This year Edgewood Junior High adopted the Colts with Character program. Each month, the entire school population focuses on three defined “Lifelines,” Each one instilling a quality or trait that each student should practice and demonstrate in their pursuit of becoming a valuable member of society.

Anytime a teacher or staff member sees a student displaying one of our lifelines, they receive a ticket to turn into the guidance office. Twice a month two names will be drawn per grade level and the students will be called down to the office for their prize. The non-winning tickets will be dumped into a larger container for some school wide drawings at the end of each semester.

Previous lifelines we’ve had this year have been:

Integrity- To tell the truth and do what is right even when no one is looking.

Organization- To plan, arrange and keep things in order.

Responsibility- To be accountable for your actions.

Effort- To work hard.

Empathy- To understand and experience the feelings of others.

Active listening- To use your ears, eyes, heart and undivided attention when needed.

For the month of November we will be focusing on Gratitude, Problem solving and manners. Gratitude means to be thankful, Problem Solving is to create solutions, and Manners is using proper social skills in different situations. Gratitude and Manners are especially timely during this time of year with Thanksgiving right around the corner and being good at solving problems is useful at all points and times in school and in life.

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Scholastic Book Fair

Book Fair Graphic


Our Scholastic Book Fair will run from November 9th - 17th. On Tuesday November 17th EJHS will hold a Family Night from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. If you prefer to shop online, the web page to do so will be available from Nov. 4th - 24th. You will need to click on the website below to access that page. Don't miss this opportunity to build your child's home library!

EJHS Scholastic Book Fair Home Page

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National Dwarfism Awareness Month

October is National Dwarfism Awareness Month and one of our own students has created a video to raise awareness of this condition. Please take the time to watch this video!
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Edgewood Color Run 2015

The Edgewood Color Run will be held Friday, September 4th, 2015. This event will take place on the R-BB Cross Country Course and students are encouraged to participate in this fun event. Funds raised will be used for student incentives throughout the year. They will be running about 1.5 miles going by color stations as they run. Cost is $10 for a white t-shirt and $15 for a white t-shirt and bracelet. Waiver and registration forms are due in the office by August 18th, 2015.



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New EJHS Mural

Edgewood Junior High is proud to have a new mural created by students under the direction of Mrs. Stephanie Bruce and installed in the front hallway near the Guidance Office. Please see the attached article which contains additional information.
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End-Of-Year Field Trip

We are celebrating the end of the 2014-2015 school year with a field trip and literacy event on Friday, May 29th. Eligible students will travel by school bus to the AMC Theatres 12 in Bloomington to see McFarland USA . A literacy assignment will be given the week before to complete with parents. This will be to read a historical account of the McFarland teams, then answer basic comprehension questions. After viewing the film, students will compare and contrast the fictional portrayal in the movie with the historical account. Students who choose not to attend may remain at school with a highly-qualified teacher for academic activities.

The admission ticket cost is $5 and students may also choose to buy a concession ticket for $4 which includes popcorn, soda and a snack. Money will be collected at the school office and is due by Friday, May 22nd.

End of Year Field Trip Permission Form 2015

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Spirit Shop Merchandise

Did you know that you can order merchandise from the Edgewood Colts PTO Spirit Shop? This is a way to get Edgewood gear in a variety of items. All items come embroidered with "Edgewood" and a mustang logo. Checks should be made out to "Edgewood Colts PTO", turned in to the office, and you should allow two weeks for delivery. Check out the order form here.
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EJHS Girls' Softball

Softball is coming to EJHS! Two teams have been chosen and will play a total of 10 games this spring. Check out the schedule and plan to attend to cheer on our girls!
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